Queen Maggie of Indigo Cats

Maggie is a Seal Point Siamese who is very affectionate, polite, and calm.  She loves to sit on your lap and have her head rubbed.  She is currently expecting a litter in November 2018.  We are very excited to see Maggie and Gunnar’s babies!  

Maggie was raised by Annie Ruth Taylor of Southern Road Siamese Cattery

Queen Pearl of Indigo Cats

Pearl is a future queen at Indigo Cats. She is  our young Balinese who is having a lot of fun running around and playing until she is mature enough for our breeding program. 

Pearl is a Lilac Tortie Point, a very rare point. Her personality is that of royalty, extremely well-mannered and whimsical.  We are so excited to see Pearl's future litters with King Romeo.

I  was given this rare opportunity from Louis Azcarate from Permes Cattery in Washington State.

Queen Paige of Indigo Cats

Paige is another one of our young Balinese cats and a future queen. She is fun-loving with lots of poise.

Paige is perfection:  deep blue eyes and a playful personality--and the longest, most beautiful whiskers I have ever seen.  She will surely produce beautiful kittens with King Romeo, and we are very excited for her future litters.  

Paige is our Chocolate Tortie Point from Louis Azcarate from Permes Cattery in Washington state.