We--Lisa, Matt, and our daughter Olivia, are the Hiryak Family--the heart and soul of Indigo Cats of PA.  We reside in a small town called Boyertown, about 45 miles northwest of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  My love of cats started at an early age during my childhood, growing up with a barn and horses at my parents' 3-acre home.

Although I didn't share my Dad's love of horses, I did love the barn because of the cats; I would spend hours playing with them!  I would make beds for them out of cardboard boxes, old blankets, and hay.  I made plenty of toys from the bailing twine.  Whenever the females had their litters, I was always the first to find them in the hay loft.  I would spend hours there making sure they were healthy and happy.

My dear friend Brenda, whose parents bred Siamese cats, first introduced me to this intriguing breed.  Brenda and I were the best of friends, and I have many happy memories of greeting each new litter as they were born.  I truly enjoyed them.


As an adult I did a lot of volunteer work in animal shelters, and I therefore have significant experience with all different kinds of cats, including feral cats.  I'm also well-versed in cat socialization.


My daughter, Olivia, was captivated at an early age with Siamese cats, so I decided to find her one.  Chloe (pictured here) came into our home and captured all of our hearts.  At that time, I started to think about breeding Siamese cats.  I also fell in love with the Balinese.  Now I am a proud breeder of these wonderfully intelligent and loving  cats!  

It has been such a pleasure to watch Olivia as she grows up with Chloe, seeing the bond they share. I look forward to raising amazing cats so that you, too, can have the opportunity to enjoy this special breed.